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When you work with Krayola Ink, you allow us to take your idea, concept or perhaps sketches and turn them into a recognizable  graphic design.  This often includes your “Brand” name or perhaps a symbol or trademark.

Working with  Krayola Ink, we believe  the more information  you provide us, the better the outcome we will get from your mind’s eye and convey exactly what you are looking for.

As part of the process, we work with you.


Brainstorming: Here we determine the primary  function  of your logo.  Will this logo have longevity?  What colors are you using? Font selection, etc.


Target Market: Who is your client?  What are their demographics? Age, gender, economic  status, etc.


Blending: Making sure all the elements  come together. Color, concept  and  inspiration-

Once we have a clear idea of the direction you would  like to go in; now it’s time for the fun to begin!

We provide you with sketches, mock-ups and then your final draft.


Please take a moment and review some of our recent works here in our gallery.